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“Afloat” – Finished Grebe Drawing

Been a long time since I made a blog post…. whoops! We have a lot of news to catch up on! But just for now, it just came to my attention that I had posted my finished grebe drawing to my social media pages, but not my art blog!

"Afloat" 38 x 28cm drawing of a great crested grebe in coloured pencil
“Afloat” 38 x 28cm, coloured pencil on Fabriano Artistico HP 140lb Watercolour Paper.

On the lake near where I live there is a mated pair of grebes whom I have been watching and photographing since January. I’ve grown rather fond of them!

I used my own reference photo for this piece. It was a rather poor photo that was a little blurry, but I just HAD to draw that pose.

The white fluffy down, and the white reflections in the water were created using a really cool technique that Lisa Clough – Lachri shared last week, by mixing Brush and Pencil titanium white and touch-up texture together into a kind of paint and then applying it with a liner brush onto the paper. This technique is remarkably useful for getting white areas back! I had accidentally burnished out the white fluff by that point so this technique was a lifesaver.

You can now purchase high quality prints of my latest work, “Afloat” in my Print Shop. A large variety of print types are available as well as worldwide shipping. The original work is also for sale for £130.00 unframed including postage. Email me at for inquiries.

I’m currently working on a commission, a couple of new youtube videos and a few other little tidbits which I’ll talk about in the next post! And I definitely won’t leave it so long this time!

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