Commission Information

Booking status: I am currently fully booked until January 2023.

If you are thinking about commissioning a pet portrait, you can find all the information you need on the process below.

"Lucy" - 29.7x21cm (A4) pet portrait drawing commission of a bichon frise, painted with colour pencils on hot pressed watercolour paper.
“Lucy” – 29.7x21cm (A4) portrait commission. My client opted for a complex background of my own composition.

If you are interested in commissioning a wildlife painting, please email me at to discuss things further about what you have in mind. My wildlife commission prices are the same as my pet portraits. The process is mostly very similar to the outlined process below, but you do not need to provide references.

Looking for a portrait of an unusual pet? Look no further! I am an animal artist by trade and draw all kinds of animals, from fur to feathers to 8-legged friends. If you or your giftee have an unusual pet, rest assured that the portrait will be created to the highest standard. To get a better idea of the kind of work I produce and if my work is the right fit for you, feel free to browse my portfolio or drop me a message.

Please be aware that commissions are intended for private use only and are not for commercial use.

How to Order


Your first step for ordering a pet portrait is deciding on a size and medium, and what kind of portrait you would like. I currently offer artwork created with either colour pencil (full colour portraits) or graphite (greyscale portraits).

You can find a range a range of standard sizes to choose from over on my prices page. If you have a specific size in mind that is not listed there, then please get in touch and I will give you a quote.

Have a think about what kind of portrait you would like at this stage – would you like a bust portrait, showing just the head and shoulders of your pet or would you prefer a full-body artwork? Would you like a white, bokeh (soft and blurry), or detailed background?


Please contact me via my contact form with the requirements for your portrait. You can also place your order directly via my shop. Let me know if you need the artwork completed by a certain date if it is a gift.

"The Woolly Wonder" 29.7 x 42cm coloured pencil commission on Fabriano Artistico Hot Pressed 140lb Watercolor Paper. Art by Wild Portrait Artist. SOLD.
“The Woolly Wonder” A4 commission in colour pencils.

I usually have a waiting list for commissions so it is best to book your slot early to avoid missing out, especially during busy periods such as Christmas. Purchasing a commission from my Etsy shop before confirming timelines then asking me to deliver it in under a month is a big no-no, especially if you are not within the UK, please don’t do this! Always message me first if you have a very close deadline, I will try to have a shuffle round of orders to fit you in if possible.

If I am fully booked, I do also offer printable gift certificates, which are a fantastic option if you want a personal touch to your gift that your receiver can redeem at their leasure. Please let me know if you would like to pursue this option.

If you are inquiring about a portrait of a deceased pet and you don’t have many photos, then I am happy to take a look at any photos you do have. If they are useable I will do my best to create a loving memory of your lost one. Email me at to discuss before ordering.


Once we’ve discussed the kind of portrait you have in mind it is time to book your order. You can pay fully or pay via installments to secure your slot on the waiting list. If you choose to pay via installments, then your first payment will secure your place in the queue. I will not start working on the artwork until the full cost of the portrait has been paid.

The following is included in my commission service:

  • Full gift wrapping inside a beautiful presentation box
  • A certificate of authenticity
  • A care guide with advice on framing and hanging your new artwork
  • An acid-free picture mount made from conservation board so your artwork is ready to frame
  • Guidance and advice on how to select the perfect reference photo for your portrait
  • A portrait background of your choice – white, bokeh effect, or a complex/detailed background (at additional fee)
  • A variety of mock-ups for you to choose from for how the final artwork might look
  • The artwork will be created using the highest quality, archival materials to ensure it will last without fading or yellowing for many decades.

pet portrait gift box and certificate of authenticity included with portrait


When ordering pet portraits, I will request multiple photos per subject from you to use as reference. For more information on how to take the best photos please see my guide on taking good photographs of your pet. We will work together to select a reference and composition for the bespoke artwork that you like best. Photos can be emailed to me at

Good reference photos are essential for a good artistic representation of your pet – so please ensure that all photos are in focus, are taken in daylight, and are taken from eye level. If you are inquiring about a portrait of a deceased pet and you don’t have many photos, then I am happy to take a look at any photos you do have. If they are useable I will do my best to create a loving memory of your lost one.

Mock-up examples of how a commission might look. You can choose your preffered style of portrait from these mock-ups and make adjustments before starting work on the real thing.
Mock-up examples of how a commission might look. You can choose your preferred style of portrait from these mock-ups and make adjustments before starting work on the real thing. A choice of background types is also included.

Depending on your requirements or the complexity of the portrait, I may provide you with with some mock-up images of how the final artwork might look at this stage. After agreeing on the composition of your artwork and when it reaches your turn in the queue, I will let you know that I am beginning work on your portrait.


The time it takes to complete a commission is heavily dependent on how large the commission is, the medium and what period of the year it is. Normally it takes me 4-7 weeks to complete a commission, however during peak times (especially Christmas) it may take me a little longer. Please be sure to let me know if there is a specific deadline for your commission (e.g. for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary) to ensure it will be completed before that date.

I will keep you updated with regular photos of my progress as I work on the piece, so you can watch it come to life! Let me know if your portrait is a gift for someone – as I like to share these progress images to my social media accounts. If you want it to be a surprise gift I will hold off on posting to social media until after your giftee has received their portrait.

example of a client's photos of their labrador being combined for the final portrait painting
Example of a client’s photos of their labrador being combined for the final portrait painting. “Max” – 42 x 60cm (A2) sized commission in colour pencils.

Please let me know if you would like additional print copies of the artwork if you have someone you’d like to give a copy to, or keep for yourself. Prices vary depending on size, and start at £30 per print (minimum size A4), with a 10% discount for additional prints (Please note this is for personal use only – not for commercial use).

Step 6 – POSTAGE

Once the commission is complete I will request your delivery address. Shipping is free worldwide. Your artwork will be shipped to your provided address via Royal Mail insured and tracked delivery. All commissions come already mounted inside a white mount, with a signed certificate of authenticity and will be wrapped in decorative tissue paper.

All artwork is sent flat and well-protected, inside a ribbon-wrapped presentation giftbox, which is then carefully padded inside a larger shipping box. Even if the packaging gets squished by rough handling during transit, the artwork will still be protected. I’ve never had any artwork arrive damaged this way.

In the unlikely event of your artwork arriving damaged, please get in touch with me immediately with photos of the damage to the artwork and packaging. Depending on the extent of the damage, the artwork must be sent back to me and I will draw a new portrait for you at no additional cost.

Your replacement portrait will be added to my wait list – if it was a gift with a deadline I will provide you with a printable gift certificate so that you still have something to give your giftee on their special day in the meantime while I work on completing your replacement artwork.


You have a 7-day money back guarantee on your order from the date of your first payment if you wish to cancel. If this 7 day period has already passed, the paid amount will be retained as loss of business, to cover the artist’s time, administration, correspondance, mock-ups and payment fees.

If work has already commenced on the portrait and you wish to cancel, all payments will be retained to cover the cost of materials, administration and time.

Every commission is handled with extreme care. The ultimate goal is to create an artwork that you are happy with and can enjoy for years to come. Please let me know if you have any issues with your order and I will do my best to resolve them.

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