Graphite · wildlife portrait

Finished giraffe portrait and progress shots

21x13cm, graphite on Hot-Pressed watercolour paper. For sale mounted and framed for £95.00 plus postage.

I took a step away from this drawing for a while and I finally finished it last night. I feel so relieved that it’s done!

I learnt so much throughout drawing this, for one I finally bought a tombow mono eraser, which arrived while I was working on the neck, it did WONDERS for picking out fur and the hairs on the mane! Don’t think I can ever live without it now.

I think my next drawing is going to be much, much bigger… working on such a small scale is kind of stressful if you’re trying to get as much detail in as possible!

This drawing is 21x13cm, using graphite on Daler Rowney Hot Pressed Aquafine paper. The reference photo was from the wonderful website.

Here are some progress shots:

DSCF8536 DSCF8543 DSCF8560 DSCF8668 giraffe wip 4

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