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Hornbill Work In Progress and Toto Portrait Update!

Apologies for the lack of updates, I really need to update this blog more often to keep up with my instagram and facebook accounts!

I’ve just made a start on a 29 x 20.5cm portrait of a hornbill. I saw a photo on and felt a flash of inspiration! I just had to draw it. Hornbills are so cool, I love the shape and bright colours on their bills. So far I’ve just finished working on the eye and the skin around it and have moved on to the vocal pouch (the part just underneath the beak).

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I’ve also been doing some more work on my portrait of my cat Toto, though it’s on the back burner at the moment will all my other ongoing projects! Working on his ear at the moment, his face is basically done. with just a few small refinements to do. My reference photo for this portrait was very poor quality so it’s been a struggle picking out all the small details, but I’m lucky enough to have the model next to me in real life. He’s currently run off with my artist broom, the cheeky scamp 😉

CGWwI-MXIAIYnNJ.jpg largetoto bw

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