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Jess and Jack: Coloured Pencil commission work in progress

“Jess and Jake” (working title) – 30 x 42cm coloured pencil commission on Fabriano Artistico HP Watercolour Paper.

Today I started work on a coloured pencil commission of two very sweet and loving dogs, Jess (on the left) and Jack (on the right). These two sweethearts belong to a friend’s mum so I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them multiple times now! I’ve been looking forward to this drawing for a while! Just look how snug and adorable they look!

One of my favourite coloured pencil artists, Lisa Clough, inspired me to do youtube video recordings, so this is my first ever piece where I’ll be recording my full process on video! Stay tuned for the video soon after I complete this piece – it will be a fully commentated tutorial of my process and the techniques I use. I hope any artists out there who see it will find it helpful and I’m sure it will be interesting for commissioners as well to see how I create my artwork 🙂 Really looking forward to it!

Being on camera forces you to focus on what you are doing. This is amazingly useful! I’ve been struggling to concentrate recently and keep getting distracted by other things. But while I’ve been working on this drawing under the camera’s lens, I’ve been able to keep going for 3 hours straight without break – an extremely long time for a fidget pot like me!

This piece is A3 sized (30 x 42cm) so it’s quite large. I’m three and a half hours in so far (not counting the time it took to do the rough sketch). It’s probably going to take around 18 hours to finish.

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