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New work-in-progress wildlife piece!

puffin 7.jpg

This week I started on a brand new wildlife piece! I am so excited to finally begin this one. I’ve really missed drawing birds and have had my sights set on this reference photo for quite some time. The title of this piece will be “A Long Way Down”. Reference photo used with permission from Gary Jones on!

This is the largest size I’ve ever drawn at – 53 x 37cm – so it’s a little daunting. I decided to paint the background in using Neocolor IIs just because I’m able to get a much smoother look than with coloured pencil, and it saved time too. I got to play with low-tack frisket for the first time, and while it is a pain in the butt to apply, it can be quite handy for keeping large areas of the paper protected and white while I paint around it with Neocolors.

Here’s a little close-up on the puffin so far. His face and beak are finished but I’m still working on the rest of his body.

puffin 7.2.jpg
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