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“Mythical Beast” finished coloured pencil drawing

Wow, it feels SO good to finally have this drawing down on paper rather than swirling around in my head for months on end (since October)! The drawing only took around 9 hours to complete! I used powder blender to blend. I was planning on using paint thinner for the okapi initially, but honestly I… Continue reading “Mythical Beast” finished coloured pencil drawing

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Hyacinth Macaw in Coloured Pencil

Last weekend I finished my hyacinth macaw drawing in coloured pencil!   I’m relieved this one is over! I had a bit of a battle with the paper all the way through this one. I used Uart 800 grade paper. Even with textured fixative and very light layers with the powder blender, it just won’t take any… Continue reading Hyacinth Macaw in Coloured Pencil

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Powder Blender tutorial!

Phew! A lot of updates this week. 3 completed full-blown drawings and two videos within one week is probably my best ever rate of production, though I should probably sleep at some point! 😂 Earlier on in the week I recorded an in-depth video review of the full coloured pencil painting kit  in which I discuss my opinions… Continue reading Powder Blender tutorial!